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Online Collection

We have created several categories so you can quickly and easily browse through specific parts of the online collection such as our Dutch paintings, our Recent Acquisitions, our Sculptures and our Loans.

Artists A to Z

In this section you can search for artists by the first letter of their surname. You can then find all the artworks in the collection related to this particular artist.

Quick search

Search the collection by typing in a keyword which can be the artist name, part (or all) of the title, the inventory number, a year etc. The database will search for every mention of the word/numbers you have typed in. This information might appear in the descriptive text and not the tombstone information of the records that it pulls up.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option gives you the opportunity to search for specific information and several types of information at the same time. You can for example search for all Irish (Go to Artist Nationality is Irish) paintings (go to Collection type and select Paintings) that were acquired in the year 2000 (Select Acquisitions date is 2000).

 **Please note that the inventory number of all artworks in the collection starts with NGI. When you are searching for the work with inventory number 215 you have to type in NGI.215.



There are three different ways in which you can view records.

Light Box

You will see an image of the artwork and its title. When you click on the image you will go to Single Item View.


You will see all the artworks you have searched for in list form with the inventory number of the work, a small image, the title, date of the work and the artist name. When you click on the artist name it will bring you to information about the artist and related artworks (see artist A to Z). When you click on any of the other details on the list it will bring you to the Single Item View.

Single Item

You will see a larger image and the complete information available about the artwork. You can also click to enlarge the image further.


At the top of the page you can change from one View to another.