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Title: Cassone, with the Goddess of Abundance, Winged Goddesses and Mermaids
Date: 16th century
Medium: Walnut
65 x 179 x 58.3 cm
Credit Line: Purchased, 1968
Object Number: NGI.8055
Label TextMarriage in Renaissance Italy, much like today, was often an elaborate and costly ritual. A betrothed couple amassed a large amount of possessions in preparation for their marriage. Elaborately decorated cassoni (chests), such as this one, were used to hold the various goods gathered as part of a bride’s trousseau. From the sixteenth century, the form and decoration of these chests was based on the design of ancient Roman sarcophagi. Here, the walnut wood cassone has been carved in low relief to depict the reclining figure of Fortuna, goddess of luck and abundance, flanked by mermaids.