Joshua Reynolds, English, 1723-1792
Title: Caricature of Sir Thomas Kennedy, James Caulfield, Viscount Charlemont, the Hon. John Ward and Richard Phelps
Date: 1751
Medium: Oil on canvas
63 x 52 cm
Credit Line: Milltown Gift, 1902
Object Number: NGI.737
Label TextThese three figures appear in Reynolds’ parody (NGI.734) of Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’ fresco, in the place of Pythagoras’s musical students. Viscount Charlemont, the most important figure, plays recorder at the centre, flanked by Sir Thomas Kennedy on transverse flute and Richard Phelps, a guide to rich tourists, on cello. John Ward sings aloud, although it is unclear what they might actually be performing. Reynolds denotes each of their origins by placing a Saint Andrew’s cross, shamrock, Saint George’s cross, and leek in their hats.